October/November,  2022
Hotel SHERATON & Oncology Institute of Vojvodina

Respected all, we inform you that SROC II congress will unfortunately be postpone for next year (2022), due to COVID 19 emergency. It will be held in October/November, but the new dates will be confirmed and will be announced.

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is my great pleasure and honor to invite You to participate on the 2nd Serbian Radiation Oncology Congress (SROC II) held in City of Novi Sad, Serbia.

Fast development and innovations in the field of radiation oncology imposes the need to hold one such gathering in our Region. This event is organized by the Oncology Institute of Vojvodina (OIV) and Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad, and will be supported by the the Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and City of Novi Sad. Furthermore, Congress is endorsed by the European SocieTy for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The goals of meeting is to improve knowledge, radiation oncology skills but also to socialize and know each other better. Therefore, our activities are focused on professional development and affirmation of Radiation Oncology in Serbia through the international cooperation with special attention that is given to the cooperation of radiation oncologists, radiation physicists and radiation technicians in the region. At the Congress we will be honored to hear the presentations of some of the worldwide famous experts in the field, which ensures the highest level of quality of the forthcoming meeting.

Finally, I welcome You all to Novi Sad and  I wish You all a pleasant stay in our wonderful city!


Olivera Ivanov, MD, PhD, Head of the Department for Radiation Oncology, OIV

Congress President

Congress President

Olivera Ivanov MD PhD

Vice President

Borislava Petrović PhD

Congress Secretary

Jelena Ličina MD


Scientific Committee

Prof. Abraham Kuten , Haifa, Israel
Prof. Marina Nikitović, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. Vesna Karapandžić Plešinac, Belgrade, Serbia
dr Dušanka Tešanović, Sr. Kamenica, Serbia
dr Bojana Bokorov, Sr. Kamenica, Serbia
dr Milana Mitrić Ašković, Sr. Kamenica, Serbia
dr Miroslav Latinović, Sr. Kamenica, Serbia
Milutin Baucal, physicist, Sr. Kamenica, Serbia
Laza Rutonjski, physicist, Sr. Kamenica, Serbia
Ozren Čudić, physicist, Sr. Kamenica, Serbia

Organizing Committee

Branislav Đuran
Mićo Novaković
Jelena Trivković
Zoran Stančić
Sanja Vasiljev
Sofija Jovin
Jelena Trivković
Zoran Stančić
Sanja Vasiljev
Sofija Jovin
Biljana Bugarčić
Dragan Aranđelović
Dejana Savić
Ivan Koprivica
Daliborka Nikolić
Isidora Radomir
Sanja Jarić
Milana Marjanović
Ivan Gencel
Sonja Čuturilo
Tot Arpad
Nemanja Golubovac
Milan Teodorović
Slađana Tomić
Marija Basta
Jelena Gavrić
Mirjana Knežević
Sandra Radonjić

Speakers from Abroad:

Prof. Abraham Kuten (IL)

Prof. Yazid Belkacemi (FR)

Prof. Mahmut Ozsahin (CH)

Prof. Parham Alaei (US)

Prof.Stephanie Markovina (US)

Prof. Joanna Izewska (PL)


Deadline for abstract submission will be (15. August 2020).


Congress Secretary

Jelena Ličina MD


Oncology Institute of Vojvodina


Faculty of Medicine University of Novi Sad

City of Novi Sad

Grad Novi Sad

Government of Vojvodina

Pokrajinska vlada

European Society for Radiotherapy & Oncology


International Atomic Energy Agency

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