Liberland Anniversary 2023 Accommodation and Transportation

Apatin is one of the most beautiful towns of Vojvodina, in the north-western part of the vast plains of the Bačka district bordering Hungary and Croatia. Apatin is positioned on the left shore of the Danube River, some 200 km away from Belgrade (3 hours of drive). Apatin is located in the close vicinity of the wetland area of the Gornje Podunavlje Special Nature Reservation which covers some 5560 hectares of numerous meanders, creeks, and backwaters and makes natural habitat for various game and some 50 river fish species. Among the fish species in the Danube River in Apatin area are the most significant autochthone species as carp, pike, perch, and catfish, making it exclusively famous for its fishermen’s culinary tradition proudly represented in multiple decade-long events of the Apatin Fishermen evenings…

Ark estate – the popular Apatin excursion spot of Zelena glava is part of the Gornje Podunavlje Special Nature Reserve – one of the last flooded areas of marshes in the EU. The Ark Estate in Apatin contains a lovely lake encircled by sandy and grassy terrains of intact nature. It includes some nature/eco features for outdoor activities along with several bungalows, sports terrains, kayaks and boats, and free-walking birds – gooses, ducks, swans, and peacocks. This is actually an area of the former Danube River course that in time changed after a dam was constructed to prevent flooding of the powerful river.

Liberland Anniversary Accommodation and Transportation

Pre-booked 4 stars Hotels and 3 stars rooms in Sombor and Apatin for Liberland participants – prices of BB (bed and breakfast) services per night/room, local tax and VAT included. CONFIRMATION UPON AVAILABILITY

Transportation by either bus or car from Belgrade airport to Sombor/Apatin accommodation and back is AVAILABLE. Please send us the flight schedule to make a special offer and confirmation for you.

Early deadline for booking and payment 29 MARCH 2023

4 Stars Hotels

Double/Twin room 74 EUR, Single room 57 EUR, Triple room 90 EUR, /Suites 110 EUR upon request/

Barcode Hotel, Sombor

9 double rooms/French-King size bed; 3 triple rooms/1 French-king size bed + 1 single bed; 3 suites/ separate bedroom with French-king size bed + living room with extendable sofa bed

Andrić Hotel, Sombor

4 double-twin rooms with single beds and 3 double rooms with French-King size bed; 2 single room

Piccolina Hotel, Sombor

4 single rooms; 1 triple room with 3 single beds; 1 twin room with 2 single beds; 5 double rooms with French-king size beds

Kronić Palace, Sombor

5 suites with French-king size beds + 1 single beds, 4 twin rooms with 2 single beds

Greentown, Sombor

6 double rooms with French-king size bed; 1 double room/twin room with two single beds

3 Stars Rooms

Double/Twin room 60 EUR, Single room 35 EUR, Triple room 84 EUR, 4-bed rooms 104 EUR

Old Brick Rooms, Sombor

2 rooms with French-king size beds; 4 twin rooms with 2 single beds; 2 four-bed rooms with 4 single beds

       Relić Rooms,      Sombor

3 rooms with 2 single beds + extra bed; 1 double room with French-king size bed; 1 Suite with French-king size bed + extendable sofa bed

      Marina Rooms,         Apatin

4 double twin rooms with 2 single beds; 4 double rooms with French-king size beds + 2 extra beds if needed

Garden House Rooms, Apatin

8 double rooms with French-King size beds

For any further informations and services please contact Ms Ivanka TasicPanacomp Wonderland  +381 21 466075, +381 21 466075, +381 63529435